Roy Wilkinson - Akubra Hats

We found Mr Morgan’s expertise and assistance to be invaluable to this company. He has integrated well with our workforce and is well respected by the Board of Directors. Mr Morgan demonstrates excellent knowledge of legal requirements and, it is fair to say, we acknowledge that we would have found it very difficult to implement safety policies in our workplace without his assistance. Furthermore, Mr Morgan has provided us with advice on employment practices and Human Resource issues.

We would recommend and endorse Mr Morgan to any Organisation seeking advice on Work Health and Safety, Employment matters or Human Resource Management. If you would like to discuss the qualities of Mr Morgan further please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

Yours faithfully

Roy Wilkinson
Company Secretary,
Akubra Hats Pty Ltd

David Knox - Countrywide Australasia Limited

Countrywide Australasia Limited has a long, well-established relationship with Graham Morgan of Morgan Human Resources Management. Throughout our contact we have found Graham to be most professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Graham has been prepared to travel across Australia to give presentations at regional meetings and attend to on-site visits. Graham relates extremely well to the diverse nature of our members and our National Office has received many pleasing reports of Graham's ability to decipher and simplify the complex areas of both work health and safety (WHS) and human resources (HR).

Whilst WHS and HR can appear daunting areas for business owners we have found that Graham's on-site visits have greatly assisted our members to tackle any issues head-on, based on a clear understanding of their compliance obligations and any problems-at-hand. Considerable peace of mind can be created by the minimization of the chance of injury within the workplace, exposure to fines or litigation and potential employee distress. A harmonious workplace can be generated by sound HR practices. Graham has been instrumental in this area in his efforts with Countrywide members.

Countrywide, with over 100 member sites around Australia is most pleased to recommend the services of Morgan Human Resource Management.

David Knox
Countrywide Australasia Limited


John McGuigan - John Oxley Motors

Dear Graham,

Now that you have completed the investigation, interviews, documentation, presentation and implementation of our Human Resource Policy it is appropriate that I compliment you on your assignment.

As you know I had a bits and pieces system and was about to commit to a metropolitan Human Resource company to organize these affairs when I answered your approach. The way you involved everyone and tailored our system has been the reason for its acceptance and the ongoing evolution of the policy. My managers have used it already.

If in future I can be a reference for your abilities please do not hesitate to have anyone contact me. Until you come back to “audit us” I wish you every success.

Yours faithfully

John McGuigan
Managing Director
John Oxley Motors


Susan Carson – Aquasonic Pty Ltd

Aquasonic Pty Ltd has recently procured the services of Morgan Human Resource Management because of the experience, knowledge and professionalism that Graham Morgan has to offer our company.

We have been very pleased with the results of our most recent project, the implementation of our Human Resource Management System and Work Health Safety and Injury Management System. Both of these systems have provided staff and management with detailed information about our working conditions, employee benefits and corporate policies.

On a number of occasions we have called upon Graham to assist us with various issues, such as interpretation of industrial legislation, human resource queries and performance appraisals techniques. Graham has provided good counsel to our organisation on numerous occasions and the manner in which he delivered his message was clear, precise and to the point.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Morgan Human Resource Management to prospective clients. Our one regret in this area, is that we should have used the service far earlier in our business development and planning process.

Susan Carson
Aquasonic Pty Ltd